Outdoor Environment

To encourage healthy development we feel it is important for the babies and children to have access to outdoor play everyday, where they can be active and use their physical skills whilst also benefiting from fresh air and natural light.

Our 3 outdoor play areas (garden, yard and patio) are set up on a daily basis, making sure that age and stage appropriate activities are available for all children to explore.

Practitioners also take children and babies (in pushchairs) to the local amenities, which include walks to the local park and library and surrounding areas of the Nursery, such as the fruit shop or pet shop.

Nursery Garden (2.5 -5 yrs)

Nursery Patio (2 -3 yrs) – developed substantially in Summer 2017 by creating a larger area with safety flooring and an all weather canopy supported by Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ funding.

Nursery Yard (0-2.5 yrs)