Menu and Nutrition

Catering is provided by The Courtyard Café. Our menu is changed twice yearly, the current menu can be found here.

We can request a jacket potato option if preferred on certain days and can request yoghurt/ fresh fruit any day to replace sweeter desserts, (unfortunately we cannot do other swaps). To make sure children have a variety of foods and enough fruit and veg portions through the day, we’ve also updated our snack menu available to view here.

The following meals are provided at Osborne House Community Nursery.

  • Breakfast – choice of, shreddies/rice crispies/weetabix/baby porridge with full fat milk and water to drink
  • Snack a.m. – Fruit and Salad Vegetables and drinks (Milk or Water)
  • Lunch – Dinner with a Pudding/Drinks (Water)
  • Snack p.m. – Fruit and Salad Vegetables and drinks (Milk or Water)

You can view our current menu here. A vegetarian option is also listed.

Please note that for children who receive Free Early Learning entitlement (FEL) only, the cost of the lunches and snacks are not covered in the funding and invoices will be issued to you to cover these costs. Packed lunches brought in from home can be provided if you do not wish for your child to have a cooked lunch.

For young babies who are still weaning, we are happy to blend our cooked dinners to enable these children to eat our meals, if however you would rather provide an alternative, we are happy to either heat or re-heat foods within Nursery, such as homemade meals or jars/packets.

Please click on the link below to read our Healthy Eating Policy in full:

Healthy Eating Policy August 2020

Recommendations for packed lunches/tea

  • Sandwich/pitta/tortilla (meat, cheese, tuna)
  • Pasta/rice/cous cous/salad
  • Crackers
  • Cheese chunks
  • Bread sticks
  • Humous
  • Fresh fruit or salad vegetables
  • Yogurt/fromage frais/jelly/rice pudding
  • Dried fruit
  • Drinks (Fruit juice)

The only exception to this is for young babies that have not reached the appropriate stage of weaning to eat these types of foods. In these cases we require you to provide ‘baby food’, whether in jars/packet or homemade, which can be heated or re-heated within nursery.