Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds: Phase 1 is a National Strategy that works alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage and is focused upon the development of Communication, Language and Literacy skills.

The Letters and Sounds Programme establishes that an environment providing broad and rich language experiences for children is the basis for good early years practice.

Children of all ages are encouraged to participate in activities that encourage them to:

  • Listen to and enjoy stories
  • Experiment with making sounds, both with their bodies, musical instruments and resources
  • Develop their knowledge of letters and phonic sounds
  • Listen to and experiment with rhyming words

These activities aim to encourage children to speak confidently, using a developing vocabulary which develops the skills for social interaction.

The Programme recognises the importance of developing speaking and listening skills as part of the process of working towards making a solid foundation for future reading and writing skills.

Our Letters and Sound information is all about how we support your child as their Communication, Language and Literacy skills develop and how we support children from the time they start with us.

This includes the importance of children developing early reading, writing and speaking skills through mark making, the use of books and printed information and practicing and developing speech

Download the Letters and sounds info for parents here.