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Parent Feedback and Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it... Here are the thoughts of parents of our current children - if you have a child in the nursery setting, please feel free to leave your own comments and feedback for others to read.

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  • Mrs W

    Our daughter Sian has attended Osborne House Nursery for nearly a year now and we have been very happy with Sian’s progression. It is important for us as parents to know that Sian is in an environment where we know she will be able to develop and learn and have the ability to express herself. We knew straight away that Osborne house would provide such a surrounding. The staff have always been first class and have developed a loving and caring relationship with Sian and have always been able to give us feedback on how she is progressing at Nursery. I believe that it is important for Sian to develop relationships outside of the home and interact regularly with her peers and Osborne House has provided the ideal setting for this essential development. We have watched our daughter grow in confidence and I would like to thank all of the staff at Osborne House for their care and love for our daughter. I fully intend on sending our son James once he is ready.

    posted by Mrs W Comment Link
  • Miss B

    Osborne house is a great friendly Nursery, the staff are really supportive and encouraging to the children's needs. They do many beneficial activities with the children and keep you very informed of how they are progressing

    posted by Miss B Comment Link
  • Mr R

    When we first visited Osborne House it immediately stood out head-and-shoulders above the rest. With a focus on fun, comfort, happiness and learning through playing both inside and out, it was obviously far more suitable for us than the other nurseries that we'd been to see before. We both agreed immediately that it was exactly the kind of place that our baby would really enjoy and our worries about leaving him for the day were instantly put to rest... our son is now 18-months old and absolutely thriving - we remain delighted with our choice. We genuinely could not offer higher praise and are extremely thankful for the kindness and care that our son has been shown. We would (and have numerous times already) recommend the Nursery to anyone without hesitation.

    posted by Mr R Comment Link
  • Miss B

    “Our daughter has been at Osborne House Community Nursery since she was 20 months old (she is now 4). During this time she has enjoyed the wide range of activities and toys at Nursery which are frequently changed to maintain interest and has loved spending her days with the EYPs who are friendly, welcoming and attentive to the differing needs of each child. Initially she found changing rooms (at age appropriate times) difficult as she is uncertain in new situations. Osborne House rectified this by creating a Transition Book for her; this involved me writing about what we had done outside of Nursery and including photographs, pictures and memorabilia of our activities. This was then used when she became unsure at Nursery; the EYPs would use the book to discuss with her what she had done at the weekend and talk about the pictures we had included; this took her mind away from being uncertain of the new situation and calmed her down. The staff are focused on the needs of the children and incorporate activities external to Nursery into the days activities. Recently our daughter mentioned the erupting volcano; the EYPs made a volcano and the children watched as it erupted, this is both educational and fun and something I meant to do but did not find time (or the mechanics) to do. I feel Osborne House gives the kind of care to each child that you yourself give to your child and the experiences that you would never think of giving.”

    posted by Miss B Comment Link
  • Miss G

    “Lydia has been coming to the Nursery since she was 10 months old, and is now in pre-school. The staff have always been there to put my mind at ease with any concerns I have, and although I often leave an upset, clingy little girl in the morning, by the time I pick her up at night, she is full of smiles and stories of what she has been doing during the day. The staff are always friendly, and approachable, and I feel at ease knowing that she is in a safe and caring environment. I can’t recommend the Nursery or the staff highly enough.”

    posted by Miss G Comment Link

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