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Assessing & documenting individual children's development & experiences

This policy details how at Osborne House Community Nursery we record and document individual children's learning, development and experiences.

The policy explains how we use a Key Person system to document children's learning, how we involve mums/dads and carers in this process and how our documenting process works hand in hand with the Early Years Foundation Stage and our Curriculum Policy.

Please click on the link below to read our Assessing & documenting children's development Policy in full


Curriculum Policy

Our curriculum policy explains the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and how at Osborne House Community Nursery we follow its guidance to ensure all children in our care achieve their full potential.


Please click on the link to read our Curriculum Policy in full






Our Transition policy details how we aim to support you and your child as they start with us at nursery and as they move from one age range room base to another within the nursery.

We want all transition periods to be as smooth as possible offering support to both children and their families throughout the process, as we are aware that some children and their families can sometimes find transitioning into a new setting, and then moving rooms throughout the setting quite difficult.

Please click on the link to read our full Transition policy


Working with Parents

This policy details our commitment to working alongside parents and carers to support all aspects of your child's care and learning.

Parents and carers are a child's first educator and we believe that only by working in partnership can we best support a child in reaching their full potential. We aim to provide high quality childcare in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

Please click on the link to read our full Working with Parents policy


Equal opportunities and Inclusion

This policy details our commitment to ensuring that all areas of nursery practice are continuously evaluated and adapted to ensure the individual needs of all children are being met by practitioners at all times.

This includes reviewing and adapting our:-

              Daily routines

              General practice

              policies and Procedures

              Resources available and sourcing funding

Please click on the link to read our full Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy



Letters and Sounds information

Our Letters and Sound information is all about how we support your child as their Communication, Language and Literacy skills develop and how we support children from the time they start with us.

This includes the importance of children developing early reading, writing and speaking skills through mark making, the use of books and printed information and practicing and developing speech

It also include ways you can support your child at home right from birth and useful websites to visit.

Please click the 'read more' link to read our letters and Sounds information sheet

Below are other useful links to leaflets to help you support your child





 There are more information leaflets in this set which promote language development, please ask a member of management if you require.




This policy details our procedures for booking a child into the nursery

PLease click on the link to read our Admissions Policy and Procedures in full


Social Networking

This policy details our commitment to ensure that all of our employees, students and volunteers are aware of their responsibilities when using social media sites, the comments they may post and ensuring they act responsibily.

 Please click on the link to read our Social Networking and Media Policy and procedure in full

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