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This website sets cookies to enhance your user experience, this is nothing new as almost all websites do the same for a variety of reasons, some allow the correct information to display on each page, others may allow the navigation to work as intended. Some of these cookies are what is known as 'first party' ie, us, used for our own internal purposes in order to make the website run as correctly as possible, others or 'third party' might include Social Media sites or Google Analytics, resources that are used by us to either offer extended functionality or in the case of analytics to see where our customers are coming from and where they are browsing.

In order to remain current with legislation we are obliged to notify you of what these cookies are and why the are in effect.

Session Cookies:

To put this simply, the session cookie keeps a note of your progress through the website, the products you have viewed, what you have added to your cart or even asked a question about, these are strictly necessary for the time you visit the site, also known as your 'session'

Performance Cookies:

Allow us to know where you have been previously in order to maintain copies of previous pages viewed or images that will speed up your browsing experience.

Function Cookies:

Modern websites are expected to be connected to a number of other login options and social websites, in doing so we have to set a cookie to know that you are using these functions. In this instance we offer a simple way for visitors to share information via Facebook, Twitter, Google and other social media, each of these facilities set their own cookie(s) as required - no personal information is shared.

Advertising Cookies:

These track where you have come from, what you have clicked and searched for in order to maintain our service level.

None of the cookies other than those strictly necessary for account management make any use of your personal information, your account on this website is limited to ecommerce and as such the use of cookies during checkout phase is required.

So why all this bumpf?

Back in May 2012 a new legislation was passed for E.U. countries to be required by law to notify a visitor that cookies are being used and how to remove them if required, while we only collect your data for the purposes of your account and never give them to a third party we are required by law to let you know what each cookie does and why.

How do I delete them?

You can find out how to do remove or block cookies for your particular browser by clicking "help" on your browser's menu or by visiting


More information on this law can be found at:

Information Commissioner's Office http://www.ico.gov.uk

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